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Game Changes

  • Life stone durability was increased by 4 times

  • Now alliances can have only 2 guilds
  • Golden monsters' health was increased

  • Guild members limit was changed to 25
  • Defense/health of boss anquelios was increased

  • Firescream skill in crywolf/illusion temple was fixed
  • Golden monsters' defense/health were increased

  • Illusion temple will occur one time per day (atleast temporary) at 21:00 (GMT +2)
  • Golden monsters' defense/health were increased

  • Rings/pendants' information was fixed
  • Castle siege event time decreased to 1 hour
  • Damage scrolls were removed from cash shop
  • Leap of strength and leap of energy were removed from cash shop
  • Horn of fenrir was removed from cash shop
  • Schrikers range was diminished
  • Scrikers in kalima 7 are now weaker
  • Stern was globally diminished
  • In arena all spots are now between medium and high
  • Phantom and destroy sets are stronger now. Overall defense was increased
  • 380 weapons can be equipped only by characters with 3rd class (those who completed the 3rd quest)
  • Phantom and destroy sets are stronger now. Overall defense was increased

  • Pink options have been added to guardian (380) weapons. Two-handed weapons can be upgraded with 100 PvP damage. One-handed weapons can be upgraded with 50 PvP damage
  • Boss anquelios respawn was changed to 1 day (not full). Also, it's stern chance was diminished
  • Damage decrement (1 - 3%) has been fixed
  • Bone blade stats were changed. Now it requires more strength and agility
  • Shields' defense was increased
  • Dreadfear in kanturu tower respawns every 3 minutes
  • Experience in bonus/mega party was increased

  • New items in balgass drop (bundle bless 10, bundle soul 10, jewel of mystical, jewel of excellent, bok +4, bok +5, flame of condor, solay scepter, explosion blade, bone blade, sylph wind bow, grand viper staff, mace of wega)

  • Golden troops were removed from devil square
  • New secret shop in barracks. If you pass 3rd quest you get acces to a shop with sets (black dragon/grand soul/divine/storm crow) and more potions
  • 3rd quest is no more a requirement for reloads
  • Swell life skill was changed. Now it grows slower
  • Ancient drop chance was added to queen bee/schriker in devil square 6 and spirit beast/spirit knight/spirit sorcerer in blood castle 7
  • Energy elf greater damage skill was increased a bit
  • New ability for energy elf. Healing skill debuffs (removes) stern (stun)
  • Respawn time of schrikers around kundun boss in kalima 7 was changed to every 3 minutes
  • Golden tantal will have a chance to stern
  • Better rewards for quest completing. Starting with 70th quest, you get BOKs
  • Illusion of kunduns in Kalima 1-6 drop BOKs. Feel free to get them
  • Other changes for better balance and cleaner grow

  • Health mixtures can be consumed every 1 second
  • Shield Defense (SD) was changed according to WebZen
  • Gywen silver bow was switched with gywen guardian pants

  • Golden bosses do not stun anymore, only their guards. Golden guards drop rena (it is a remainder for those who do not know)
  • Erohim now can stun
  • Schrikers from all kalimas now can stun
  • Dreadfears from kanturu tower now can stun
  • More guards will secure the entrance to kundun boss in kanturu tower

  • Harmony damage decrease options were changed to 1/2/3 %
  • Weapons 380 were temporarily removed
  • Kundun boss was changed according to webzen
  • Kanturu event monsters were changed according to webzen
  • Crywolf/balgass/dark elf monsters were changed according to webzen
  • Small Shield is back to box of kundun +1
  • Kanturu event drop was changed. Maya's hands now drop jewel of excellent and nightmare drops jewel of mystical

  • No more gates in castle siege. The governor of the castle can not more build gates. Hence, guardian statues became a little bit stronger

  • Loch's feather/crest of monarch, besides icarus, now drop in kanturu (from kentaurus monster and up)
  • Amount of dropped zen was increased. It is much more comfortable to accumulate zen

  • Max guild members - 30
  • Loch's feather/crest of monarch now drop only in icarus
  • Moonstone ring now drops only in kanturu
  • Resistance of all pets (imp/angel/unicorn/dinorant) was increased

  • PvP Ring was added to lorencia
  • In crywolf, the zone for elves is now protected (non-pvp)
  • Pet system was disabled, no more pets sorry
  • The duration of greater damage/defense skills was changed to 1 minute (was 2 minutes)
  • No more unlimited skills, twisting slash, rage-full blow and others are now limited to character's AG (stamina)

  • Elf's skills efficiency has been increased
  • Penetration got an ice attribute. every attack slows the target, even a target with ice resistance
  • Experience in party has been increased

  • Mace of wega's pvp additional damage has been increased to 150
  • Evil spirit, impale, and twisting slash skills are available in cash shop for 1 gem point

  • Dark raven's efficiency has been doubled
  • Tipsy johny quests now display the total amount of required monsters

  • Dark lord's health per point has been increased. Now they recieve 2 HP for 1 stat of vitality.
  • Jewel of excellent and jewel of mystical have been added to cash shop
  • Some fixes for lock char system

  • New char lock functionality. When activated, a character can not move equipped items and can not sell anything. Lock can be activated by typing /lock "password", where password is a number which contains 4 to 10 digits. Use /unlock "password" to unlock your char.
  • Time for entering to elpis (in kanturu tower) decreased to 8 hours.

  • Fixed guardian sets that were adding hp instead of sd

  • Experience in party has been increased

  • Kandun boss moved to main map of kanturu tower, near coordonates (108 : 159)
  • Characters without reloads recieve double experience

  • Bone blade harmony damage reduced by 50. Now it adds up to 150 harmony damage
  • Greater fortitude hp addition reduced to 50%

  • New vault lock functionality. Now you can set a pin code for your vault. When setted up everytime you enter the game, you have to provide this pin code in order to move items from your vault.

  • Greater fortitude can add up to 60% of the HP

  • Max power of greater fortitude was decreased. Now it can add up to 40% of the HP
  • Max time of greater fortitude was decreased to 2 minutes
  • Castle siege time was fixed

  • Wizardy damage option of ancient enis set was fixed
  • Tipsy johny quest rewards of jewel of guardian were replaced with other more valuable rewards

  • New kundun boss in refinery tower near elpis with a respawn time of 12 hours
  • 8 new guardian (380) sets were added - titan, brave, phantom, destroy, seraphim, eternal, royal, hades
  • Requiremenets of the following items were changed - elven shield, elemental shield, elemental mace
  • Mace of wega has become a guardian (380) weapon
  • The drop of kundun boss was changed. New guardian (380) sets were added, excellent sets were removed
  • New guardian sets and weapons were added to box of kundun drop. Guardian (380) helms were added to box of kundun +1, guardian (380) gloves were added to box of kundun +2, guardian (380) boots were added to box of kundun +3, guardian (380) pants were added to box of kundun +4, guardian (380) armors and weapons were added to box of kundun +5
  • New excellent sets added to box of kundun +5 - black dragon, divine, grand soul, thunder hawk, valiant, dark steel. Excellent sets before the addition are now available in lower level of box of kundun

  • Allow ancient +13 in trade

  • Mana shield skill has become a self buff
  • Mana shield max shield power has been reduced to 45%
  • Mana shield new formula is - shield power = 15 + agility ÷ 50 + energy ÷ 70
  • New item in cash shop - horn of fenrir

  • Illusion of kundun (2-6) drop has been changed to box of kundun (+1 - +5) with a drop chance of 90%
  • Illusion of kundun (2-6) have become stronger
  • Illusion of kundun (2-6) respawn time changed to 6 hours
  • Golden troops quantity has been reduced to 3 x golden tantallos and 4 x golden goblin/titan/dragon/lizard king
  • Golden troops have become stronger
  • Illusion of kundun quests have been replaced with 15 x schrikers
  • In devil square, golden goblin/titan/dragon spawn time changed to 10 minutes

  • It is no more possible to attack allies in illusion temple
  • Reward for blood castle 1 and 2 has been changed to jewel of chaos
  • New price on items in cash shop - horn of uniria, dinorant

  • White wizard has become stronger
  • Ogre archer of doom (white wizard) has become stronger. Ogre warrior of doom (white wizard) has remained bassically the same
  • Box of kundun level from blood castle boxes was reduced. Now, only boxes +1 - +3 can be dropped
  • Box of kundun drop from blood castle boxes was slightly reduced
  • New price on item in cash shop - wizards ring

  • Added more tipsy johny quests with jewel of guardian as a reward
  • New item in cash shop - jewel of guardian

  • Kanturu terrain was fixed
  • Box of kundun was added as a reward from blood castle box (among existing rewards)
  • New price on items in cash shop - wizards ring, imp, angel, horn of uniria, dinorant
  • Added more tipsy johny quests with jewel of mystical and jewel of excellent as a reward

  • It is no longer possible to enter chaos castle with buff
  • In chaos castle 3 - 6, ancient item now drops in center of the map
  • New item in cash shop - wizards ring
  • Drop for tipsy johny quest with spiders was increased
  • Character reload functionality (website CP)

  • Dark lord damage increased
  • Kalima tickets were removed from cash shop
  • Fixed tipsy johny quest with unknown 100 monsters

  • Main resources consumption optimized
  • Now less antiviruses detect client files as a potential virus, even though this is a false positive
  • Aida terrain was fixed
  • New item in cash shop - blue candy box
  • Chaos machine was removed from 3rd Server

  • New chaos castle cycle at 13:00 EET
  • Land of trials terrain was fixed
  • Devil eye/key are now dropped in arena

  • Dark horse/raven can not be dropped from character
  • Dark lord hp increased
  • Reward increased for gorgon quest